Aztec Parents Advisory Board

group photo of aztecs parents board of 2023-24
Aztecs Parents Advisory Board of 2023-24

Aztec Parents Advisory Board members provide both leadership and a voice for parents. Through their participation in SDSU’s events and contributions to the Aztec Parents Fund, the board contributes to family adjustments and to student well-being and success.

Board members contribute perspectives unique to parents and actively participate in three areas:

  1. They advise university administrators where to direct monies collected from the Aztec Parents Fund.
  2. They advise SDSU staff on major decisions regarding special programs and events for the Aztec Parents Association and participate in the coordination of these events.
  3. They provide leadership at parent/family events.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact the liaison at [email protected] or call the parent hotline at 619-594-1653.