First Year Experience (FYE) Fee: $250

The one-time First Year Experience (FYE) Fee* includes:

The First Year Experience Fee includes Pre-Orientation, Orientation and First-Year Experience activities. The fee is $250 and will be billed August 5 to your Student Online Account and will be due by August 20.


  • A robust set of pre-orientation modules specifically made for new students, which provide an overview of SDSU’s resources and services through text, photos and videos. The pre-orientation modules are intentionally created to assist in your transition to college, learn about resources and services and provide a foundation for your success at SDSU. 
  • Advising with an SDSU Ambassador (first of two meetings) The SDSU Ambassadors serve as the official student representatives, tour guides and orientation leaders for San Diego State University. Your assigned Ambassador will be hosting a Zoom appointment with you before your orientation date to provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about SDSU, the class schedule and the pre-orientation modules you have completed up until that point.
  • Two welcome packets! Two fun SDSU packages filled with SDSU swag and resources, such as the Student Handbook, will be mailed to your home to support your orientation and transition to SDSU. (You must register for orientation by May 25 to receive the first package!)

During your orientation, you will participate in a variety of synchronous sessions to further support your transition to SDSU and your course registration process.  

  • A small group session led and facilitated by an SDSU Ambassador. You will also meet other students in your major and/or college. 
  • An assistant dean session where they will share resources and services available through your college to support your success at SDSU.
  • An advising appointment with an SDSU Ambassador to support your course registration for fall 2021.
  • New student socials for you to connect with students from all over the country and world! 

First Year Experience Activities
Once you have attended orientation and registered for fall 2021 classes, you will continue to have opportunities during your first year to get connected and make SDSU your new home. Below is a list of activities, events and initiatives that will support your success at SDSU!

The First Year Experience Fee will be billed with your Basic Tuition and Fees on August 5, and due by August 20. Only the Parent and Family Programs Fee is due at time of reserving your orientation date, if you select Parent and Family Orientation. See below for payment terms and conditions.



There is a one-time Parent and Family Programs fee of $55 (per family) that includes Parent and Family Orientation AND membership in the Aztec Parents Association

The Parent and Family Programs fee also includes: 

  • Pre-Orientation
    • Parent and Family Pre-Orientation Modules Available (link sent via email)
    • SDSU Welcome Packet with SDSU swag and important resources for parents and families, such as the Parent Handbook. 
  • Orientation
    • Parent and Family Welcome and Student Services Overview 
      • The overview will discuss successful transitions, making connections on campus, student wellness, achieving academic success and the role of SDSU parents and families.
    • College Session with Assistant Dean
      • Meet your student’s Assistant Dean and learn highlights about the college.
    • SDSU Ambassador Panel
      • An opportunity to talk with current students about life at SDSU.
  • Post-Orientation

Benefits of the Aztec Parents Association

The Aztec Parents Association encourages parents to become involved and stay involved while their student attends SDSU. Aztec Parent Programs offer opportunities for you to get involved through participating in special events such as Parent Orientation, New Student and Family Convocation, and Family Weekend. Aztec Parent Programs also communicates regularly to keep you informed about what is going on at the university, including the News for Aztec Parents magazine, the official Parent & Family Facebook page, and our monthly e-newsletter.


There will be NO REFUNDS for cancellations or for students whose admission to the university is rescinded (please see payment terms and conditions below). Not all date accommodations can be met, so please plan ahead. 

Payment options for the Parent and Family Programs Fee (the FYE student fee will be billed separately):
CREDIT CARD: As part of the online reservation process, payment may be made by credit card. MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover are accepted.

ELECTRONIC CHECK: As part of the online reservation process, payment may be made by electronic check.

CHECK: You must PRINT OUT your confirmation page and mail a copy of it with your check. If your check does not clear through Student Account Services, the returned check fee is $35.

Make the check payable to: SDSU
Please include the student's RedID number on the check.

Mail payments to:

Student Account Services
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-1425

Acknowledgement of Payment Terms and Conditions

By completing this SDSU New Student Orientation reservation, I understand that I will be billed for the First Year Experience (FYE) Fee on August 5 to my Online Student Account (due by August 20) and that a portion of this fee helps cover my attendance and participation in New Student Orientation. In addition, I acknowledge that if I added a Parent and Family Orientation to my reservation, I am responsible for payment of the Parent & Family Programs Fee upon completion of my reservation today. If I am eligible for Financial Aid, I understand that if I do not have enough aid to pay the FYE fee, a bill will be added to my student account, and I will be responsible for payment due August 20.

I agree to the refund policies of San Diego State University for both the First Year Experience and the Parent & Family Programs Fees. If I, or my guest(s), decide not to complete New Student Orientation for any reason (including my admission to the University being rescinded) I understand: 1) the First Year Experience Fee and/or Parent & Family Programs Fee will not be refunded to me and 2) if for some reason, my payment is reversed, I will be billed for the First Year Experience Fee, Parent & Family Programs Fee and any other applicable charges related to the payment reversal. I further understand any changes to my reservation will result in a $20 fee.

*Dates and information subject to change